A Message from the Chief


A Message from Chief Raul Quezada

The prevention of domestic violence, child abuse, elder/dependent adult abuse, and sexual assault is a priority of the Anaheim Police Department. As a police organization, we are committed to do as much as possible to break the cycle of family crime that inevitably then results in a more violent society.

In order to prevent these crimes, and respond to them in a more effective and efficient manner, victims and their families require a wide variety of diverse services and resources. Research has shown that timely intervention by police, prosecutors, victim advocates, housing, legal aid, restraining orders, counseling, crisis intervention, child protective services, elder/dependent adult protective services, medical attention/referral, faith based services, parenting programs and others enhances the chance of preventing future violence.

In 2004, the Anaheim Police Department developed a shared vision of creating a Family Justice Center to meet these critical needs. We are now making this shared vision a reality. The OCFJC seeks to improve victim safety, interagency communication, information sharing, collaboration, and cooperation with community partners. We seek to develop a true multidisciplinary approach to the prevention of, and response to, these serious crimes.

As a result of the outstanding leadership and support of our Mayor, City Council, and City Manager, we have been able to establish a Family Justice Center, the first of its kind in Orange County. However, we do have a great deal more to accomplish in order to ensure its continued success and growth.

The responsibility for the prevention of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and elder/dependent adult abuse does not rest with any single individual, group, agency, or organization. It is a responsibility shared by all of our Community Members and Partners.

I welcome your active support for this important effort.

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